How to check if domain controllers are replicating to each other and is up to date

Domain Controllers

If you are a system administrator and have on your hands an Active Directory infrastructure, then you must read this. I will tell you how to check if your Active Directory infrastructure is full functional.
You need to know these commands:
1. Repadmin /replsummary
2. Repadmin /Queue
3. Repadmin /Showrepl
4. Repadmin /syncall
5. Repadmin /KCC
6. Repadmin /replicate

Step 1 – Check the replication health

Use cmd: repadmin /replsummary

The “/replsummary” operation quickly summarizes replication state and relative health of a forest.

Step 2 – Check the inbound replication requests that are queued.

Use cmd: repadmin /queue

This command lists elements that are remaining in the replication queue. It displays inbound replication requests that the Domain Controller needs to issue in order to become consistent with its source replication partners.

Step 3 – Check the replication status

Use cmd: repadmin /showrepl

This command displays the replication status when the specified domain controller last attempted to implement an inbound replication of Active Directory partitions. It helps in figuring out the replication topology and replication failure.

Step 4 – Synchronize replication between replication partners

Use cmd: repadmin /syncall

It ensures synchronization between replication partners

Step 5 – Force the KCC to recalculate the topology

Use cmd: repadmin /kcc

This command forces the Knowledge Consistency Checker ( known as KCC ) on targeted domain controllers to immediately recalculate its inbound replication topology. It checks and creates the connections between the Domain Controllers. By default KCC runs every 15 minutes to check if a new connection has been established between Domain Controllers.

Step 6 – Force replication

Use cmd: repadmin /replicate

This command forces the replication of the specified directory partition to the destination domain controller from the source DC.

So, if you encounter problems with your Active Directory infrastructure, this article is a good starting point in detecting possible causes. Or you can simply contact us to help you solve your problems.

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